Bill Pruitt

Managing Director

Mentoring and investing in founders and entrepreneurs for over 30 years. Investor and board member of many successful early-stage companies.

Salo Sredni

Managing Director

Investing and building companies in Technology, Healthcare and Financial Services across domestic and international markets, and private and publicly traded companies.

Alex Tellez

Managing Director

Founder, CEO, and investor who has supported over 20 startups worldwide, ranging from telecom to biotech to fintech to cyber security.

David Zinn

Managing Director

Providing advisory value to founders, management and investors through operating experience, insights, critical thinking and innovation.

Lisette Tellez

Managing Director

Using a background in computer science and early-stage investing to help entrepreneurs bring innovative technologies and ideas to market.

Ryan Pruitt

Managing Director

Utilizing 10+ years of audit, accounting, and finance experience to help early-stage companies build and execute well-informed, strategic plans.

Kristy King

Managing Director, Fund I

Advising startup companies, founders and entrepreneurs for over 15 years streamlining compliance, taxes, financial models, and risk management.

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