When we invest in founders, we are committing to a long-term partnership. We are a team of operators who have first-hand experience with the challenges of building successful companies. We will work hard with you when the journey gets tough, and we will be the first ones to celebrate your successes. As a result, we value the quality of the team just as much as the product and market opportunity.

Investment focus

We invest in entrepreneurs who have identified a solution with a competitive advantage that will enable their company to become a leader in the space. We only invest if we believe we can impact the trajectory of the company through our experiences and networks. From introductions to potential clients to strategic guidance, we want to be helpful at every step.


We invest in Seed and Series A rounds, where the company has initial traction and the right amount of capital can accelerate sales, development, and team growth.


We write initial checks of size $200K-$2M, with a portion of our fund reserved for follow-on. We play an active role in all of our investments and have board seats on most of them.


We primarily focus on B2B software and deep tech and invest across multiple industries within those categories. We want to see at least an MVP-level product in the hands of paying or pilot customers.


We fund companies that consider the US to be one of their main target markets, and we help them grow their US presence. While we mostly focus on North America and Israel, we invest globally.


Whether it’s through intellectual property or another form of defensibility, we look for companies that are clear on their differentiation and how they will create and maintain a leading position in the market.


Certain attributes aren’t quite a fit for us. Examples include consumer packaged goods, inventory, medical devices, the FDA process, and non-US market focuses. If we can’t add value to the company, we don’t invest.

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