Integrated accounts receivable automation solutions to increase efficiency and accelerate cash flow.


The #1 remote desktop, app, and server automation solution for the Google Cloud platform.

Forrest Innovations

Proprietary biotech and agtech solutions to combat mosquito-borne diseases and Citrus Greening.


Robotics incorporating aeronautical design, deep learning, and image processing to deploy sterile mosquitoes at mass scale.

Clarke Valve

The world’s most compact and efficient control valve to provide zero pressure drop, zero leakage, and precise flow control.


Magnetic 3D printing, or Fluxprint, to bring optimized composites to engineers across the globe.


Location-based marketing platform that helps businesses unlock geosocial data to acquire and engage high-value customers.

Aegle Therapeutics

Isolating extracellular vesicles secreted by mesenchymal stem cells to treat severe dermatological conditions.


Small-molecules product discovery platform to empower the ag industry with a better process to bring new crop-protection products to market.


Enables moving and relocation companies to book more moves, increase conversions and deliver exceptional customer experience.


On-demand tax software to connect tax filers with professionals and to enable CPA firms to route and execute work more efficiently.


Innovative program based on brain science to support early childhood development through meaningful play.


Esports marketing platform that takes the guesswork out of finding and executing the perfect sponsorship for your Twitch stream or brand.


Software that enables health systems to share equipment between facilities, increasing equipment availability and reducing rentals and capital expenses.


Creating positive change in people’s health by understanding their DNA and gut biome to empower them with the right food, fitness, and lifestyle choices.


A cross-reality presence company with an initial product that enables users to interact, share, and physically feel XR immersive content with bare hands.


Unified data, insights, and intuitive controls to optimize IoT deployments across global operators and device control platforms within a single pane.


A network-based approach to create a holistic view of sensitive information stored within an organization, enabling privacy regulation compliance.


Communication platform for devices to transmit data over miles without networks or infrastructure in a manner that’s difficult to intercept or detect.


Empowering destinations to appeal to visitors and local communities with engaging experiences that drive economic impact for local businesses.


Visual resource and project management software that enables companies to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Swift Sync

A temporary pacing catheter to be used during heart surgeries that can pace both the atrium and ventricle in dual-chamber synchrony.

5x5 Technologies

Enables structural asset management and inspection by ingesting data into its patented spatial computing, computer vision, and 3D modeling engine to create digital twins of physical assets.

ANRA Technologies

Federated unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) traffic management (UTM) platform that enables the safe integration of unmanned aircraft into the national airspace.


Medical device that integrates the delivery of sutures into a catheter to improve outcomes in aortic aneurysm repairs.


Powerful, intuitive, and collaborative platform for design specification, procurement, construction management, and product data management.

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