Alex Tellez

Managing Director

Alex Tellez is an entrepreneur and investor.  He successfully founded and sold 2 startups, each with tenure of more than 10 years.  Since 2008, he has invested his money and energy in over 20 startups.  His investments include Beeologics, which sold to Monsanto for a 12x return in just over 3 years; Cybertinel, which sold to CyberArk for a 2.4x return in less than 1 year; and Medistem, a stem cell company that sold to Intrexon.

Alex is actively involved in several companies including Hindsight Imaging, which has breakthrough IP in hyperspectral imaging; Senecio, which has created patented aerial release devices and sex sorting automation for the deployment of sterile male mosquitoes; and MIDO Play, the leading mobile app for the Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries.  He is also an investor in Rokk3r Labs, R4 Technologies, Queue Software, Vital Beverages, Friends Beverage Group, Pipeline Workspaces, Apollo Bank, Forrest Innovations, Aero-Docks and more.

Alex graduated from MIT with an Aeronautical Engineering degree and worked on space-based lasers as part of SDI, but he quickly transitioned to the business world.  At Arthur Andersen, he gained experience in technology, healthcare, and manufacturing. Alex then joined Vitas Healthcare, where he was the head of the systems division during the company’s growth years from 2 locations and $20 million in revenue to 24 locations and $250 million.  After Vitas, he was the founder and CEO of Miami-based CellIT Technologies, a software company focused on call centers, which he grew to over 150 employees and $10M in revenue before successfully selling in 2002 to form Aspect Software. Alex is also the founder and Chairman of Neutralogistics, a South Florida logistics company, which he sold to St. George Logistics.


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